About us

The biggest part of the global energy complex is based on the extraction, processing, and distribution of hydrocarbons. Every country’s economy directly depends not only on the global oil prices, but also on the volumes that are available for purchase on the main energy exchanges in the world. This is why it is important to develop the sector responsible for the development of new oil and gas fields.

UNITY PETROLEUM is oriented at the development of new oil fields through concession contracts which are guaranteed by the countries owning these oil fields. If a new and commercially promising oil field has been found on the territory of some country, it becomes extremely interested in the new inflow of investments that will provide an opportunity to develop the country’s internal infrastructure and create new jobs for the population. It is obvious that creating jobs and improving the investment climate in any country makes its population more prosperous and socially secure.

Investing into UNITY PETROLEUM
is investing into your stable ‘’tomorrow’’

UNITY PETROLEUM is an international oil company oriented at the development of oil fields through concessions in the Middle East, which is the most important oil-producing region on our planet.

Securing concession contracts with the governments of this region provides our business with real growth prospects for many years to come and guarantees stability and prosperity to our employees.

At the same time, the concession contracts we have signed give us solid reason to view UNITY PETROLEUM as a promising and beneficial investment. Government guarantees and steadily growing demand for hydrocarbons make our business highly liquid in the most long-term perspective.

Our corporate management is carried out according to the best traditions of international business making. Together with a highly qualified team, it makes the competence of our company beyond doubt. The international staff of UNITY PETROLEUM is a united and solid team of professionals who create material goods and help to strengthen the economics of the countries that we have contracts with. Our company fulfills its duties in a stable and reliable manner.

Investing into UNITY PETROLEUM
is an investment into your future,
into your prosperous future.

Our advantages and values are social stability, care for the environment, application of innovative technologies in the field of geological prospecting, good salaries for our employees, the creation of new areas of international cooperation, and strengthening the investment climate in the company, which is based on a powerful platform of scientific and technological innovations in the field of development of oil deposits and supported by the solid professional team of UNITY PETROLEUM.

Our aim

Our aim is to establish complex business relations with all our partners on conditions that guarantee maximum benefit for all the interested parties.Reliability and continuity of business relations is what distinguishes UNITY PETROLEUM anda matter of justifiable pride. We offer our investors new opportunities for reaching material well-being based on earning a passive income from investing into UNITY PETROLEUM.