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The development of oil deposits in the Middle East through concessions is the main focus of application of our business skills, which are based on a powerful platform of scientific and technological innovations in the field of development of oil deposits and are executed by a team of professionals .
Reliable long-term contracts competently signed by our company give us solid reason to view UNITY PETROLEUM as a promising and beneficial investment object. Government guarantees and steadily growing demand for hydrocarbons make our business highly liquid in the most long-term perspective.


UNITY PETROLEUM offers a unified investment solution. We believe in a unified and generalized form of investments for everyone that is reliable and democratic. Everyone is equal, the terms are the same for everyone. You yourself make an independent decision about how much you would like to invest into the company.
And you can make an independent decision about how much you plan and would like to earn from your investment into our company. The idea of our investment offer is by investing any sum starting from $20, you will be able to receive from 4% to 6% daily, until the total amount of money you receive reaches 160% of the original investment sum. All in all, if you invest a certain sum, you will receive both your invested money back and a 60% profit from this sum. Once your earnings reach 160%, your investment stops working and you need to make a new investment into the company to continue cooperation.

* The interest rate is floating. Its minimal amount is 4% of the investment sum, its maximum amount is 6% of your investment sum. Your investment may be working for 40 days at most and for a little over 26 days at least.

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Common values

It is very important for us that cooperation is performed at the deepest levels of mutual trust. Social stability, care for the environment, common interests, the creation of new areas of international cooperation, and strengthening the investment climate for our clients are the main factors which are the foundation for our relationship with every customer and its flourishing.

our advanteges

The client-focused approach of our company is proved by advantag es that you can use now.
  • Innovativeness

    Our company employs the best innovative solutions and most technologically advanced discoveries in the field of the development of oil fields.

  • Profitability

    The uncompromising nature of the return is provided by the high liquidity of our whole business and skillful company management. It is a good start for new achievements.

  • Reliability

    Global demand for hydrocarbons guarantees the reliability of our cooperation with our investors.Stability and security of investments. Simply reliable.

  • Adaptability to streamlined manufacture

    Modern means and equipment, knowledge-intensive and environmentally friendly oil installations were developed for our company to fulfill the whole complex of oil-producing activities.


By applying innovations and the most recent achievements in the field of geological prospecting, we have established a firm foundation for mutually advantageous customer relationship, which can be fully experienced by using our investment offer. You have a chance to make stable, safe and profitable investments into our company and receive a high passive income.
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Thursday 21st of September

Passive earnings provided by our investment offer are not the only source of income for our investors. An affiliate program built on the principles of mutually beneficial and equal cooperation will be a new step in creating a better future for our company and for its every customer.
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It is important to take care of every minor detail in our business. Our company works as a well-oiled machine, well thought-out and well-regulated. The same goes for our team. The international staff of our company is a united and solid team of professionals who create material goods and help to strengthen the economics of the countries that we have contracts with.
Our company fulfills its duties in a stable and reliable manner.
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    1 000$
  • Investment term: from 26 to 40 days

2-Lvl program

7% - 2%

7% from any deposit made by your first-level affiliate and 2% from any deposit made by your second-level affiliate

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REPsĀ  status

10% - 3%

10% from any deposit made by your first-level affiliate and 3% by your second-level affiliate - for our representatives

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